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  Our Rules and Polices

Dress Code

Girls - Leotards are the uniform of choice for girls. Girls may wear gym shorts over leotard. Hair should be tied back securely and off the shoulders. In addition, please no beads in hair, they can do hurt children during rolling.

For safety reason we do not allow jewelry with exception of small stud earrings that do not stick out or dangle.

Boys - gym shorts and a T-shirt, with bare feet. NO STREET CLOTHES.

No gum, candy, jewelry, or street clothes.

Leotards can be purchased from All Stars Leotard Rack.

No parents in the gym

The only parents allowed in the gym are participating parents in ministar classes. This is for liability purpose and to aide in your child's ability to focus on his or her instructors. We appreciate your understanding.

All Caregivers performing as parent in a parent/tot class must be at least 15 years of age.

Registration Fee:
Registration fee is paid at the beginning of every school year or when you first sign up for a class each year. The first child’s registration fee is of $30.00, second child is $25.00 and third child is $15.00 and free thereafter. *All registration fees are non-refundable.

Family/Multiple Member Discount

10% off every additional child’s tuition thereafter or for a second class. Multiple Classes - 20% off all additional classes

Make Up Policy -

Please Read - Make ups for missed classes can be made up with in the term that the child missed the class. No exceptions. Only 2 makeup's are allowed per a session.

In order to have your child make up a classes ASGA must be called before or the day of the missed class to schedule a make up. This helps All Stars control the number of children in a given class. This is a very gracious make up policy.

There are several important rules and policies at All Stars Gymnastics Academy. Most of them are for safety reasons, so we hope you will take a few moments to review them if your son and/or daughter is either attending or thinking of doing so.

Referral Program

Have one of your friends join and receive $10 off the following terms tuition.

NOTE: This a credit that can only be use towards ASGA classes and programs.


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