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All Stars Gymnastics' programs teach developmentally appropriate classes to children. We realize that children develop at different rates and exhibit individual uniqueness. All Stars Gymnastic offers a non-competitive preschool and after school gymnastic environment so your child will leave each class with an enhanced sense of their own abilities and self accomplishments. We make gymnastics safe and fun while developing your child’s coordination, speed, balance, agility, flexibility strength and power.

Our instructor to class ratio is suited for each of our classes. Our professional instructors are fun, enthusiastic and trained in safety and USA gymnastic's latest techniques for instructing gymnastics and movement education to young children.

All Stars' preschool and after school gymnastic curriculum offer theme based classes that include a group warm up, cooperative games, activity rotation to include trampoline, and of course plenty of time in the inflatable bouncers.

  1. Great Instructors
  2. Classes Levels to move up as skills are gained
  3. Gain benefits of skills and activities that facilitate in all sport development
  4. Have fun while gaining Fitness
  5. Helps children set goals, listen to instruction and develop gymnastics skills and skills that help with all sports
  6. Programs include cooperative games and fun
  7. Class Gymnastics Meet / End of Year Show


ShinningStars: (Ages 6 -12) -
This after school program introduces children to the various gymnastics apparatus, as well as developing balance, flexibility, strength, confidence and body awareness, while keeping it fun with games, trampolines, and rock wall.

All Stars offers Shiningstar classes levels 1 - 4. Children are moved up by skill level achievement and dedication to class and sport, In addition to class availability.

All Stars Currently Offers level 1- 4. Level's 2 - 4 are by evaluation only.

All levels compete in our recreational Gymnastics meet held during term 3.


Stunt Squad for Boys!

All Stars Gymnastics will be offering this exciting and challenging class for boys next fall. It’s called Stunt Squad. We realize boys live for challenges and we all so recognize All Stars facility and staff can help unleash your boy’s athletic potential.

Stunt Squad is a innovative class that offers 25 challenges for the stunt squad participants to conquer, in order to move up to the next level and become a squad leader. These challenges are based on the theory of Kinetic intelligence that comprise and aid in unleashing a person athletic potential.

1. Jumping and running (broad jump, 40meter dash, block jumps, vertical jump)
2. Gymnastics skills (forward and backward rolling, cart wheeling, handstands)
3. Balance/flexibility challenges (balancing on a bar, beam obstacle course)
4. Strength challenges (chin ups, push ups, leg lifts, bar pull over, rope climb, falling and rolling techniques)
5. And Stunt Challenges (jumping from block to catch high high bar, jump from one block to another, rope swing)

These classes are design to develop a child’s athletic potential towards any sport and to overall movement that will. Classes are an hour long and offered once a week.

Stunt Squad will improve you son’s running speed, ability to jump, coordination, balance, strength and over all confidence.

Ages 5 - 7
Ages 7 - 11

For More information Call 860-683-2286

Stunt Squad Testimonial

Hey there – wanted to let you know Liam did pass the belt test at the end of April as one of the best in the class. All the extra work paid off, he was the strongest in the group and most agile.

Thank you for all the work you did with him; his agility and style, which was driven by the addition of attending gymnastics, was very evident to his instructors.

Liam’s signature “hand-plant” move will be on this years American Karate tee shirt. His silhouette, doing the hand plant, will be in black on a red tee.

Attached is a picture of him from last quarter’s graduation doing his “sky-high” kick for the parents and graduates.


For More information Call 860-683-2286

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