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Our Story

Our story is to provide a place where kids can learn and have fun. Our awesome staff is comprised of enthusiastic educators and athletes, many of them teachers. that love kids and the sport of gymnastics. Our curriculum is to help each child achieve fitness and confidence in themselves so they have a healthy respect for each other, seek a life style for fun and fitness and gain the ability to think like a gymnasts and strive never to give up just try harder. We strive to provide a friendly, safe, colorful and clean place for kids to enjoy fun and fitness by participating in the sport of gymnastics, dance and cheerleading and for families to relax and enjoy watching their children success.

Come visit our facility, meet our excellent staff and facility and try out a trial class.

First Day of Class

  1. Show up to the first day a class 10 - 15 minutes ahead of the designated class start time.
  2. Check into the front desk to ensure you paper work is filled out properly.
  3. Have your child take off his or her shoes and place their items into a cubby along the wall.
  4. Ensure that you children are wearing the appropriate attire. (See Dress code for information on our proper attire.)
  5. Wait for your instructor to announce the class.
  6. Please ask the front desk if you have any questions.

Customer Reviews

Mary -

I wanted to let you know that I was very impressed with Lianna's gymnastics teacher - Sarah.

As I anticipated - Lianna was VERY hesitant about joining the class (in spite of the fact that she has been asking to go to a gymnastics class for months). Sarah very quickly responded in an extremely positive manner - allowing me to walk Lianna into the gym and hang out along the wall. Sarah took Lianna's hand once the group entered the gym, and in a very matter of fact but friendly manner led Lianna onto the mats and just kept on going. It was exactly what Lianna needed - she just needed to get going and not have too much time to think about being nervous. I was eventually able to go into the observation room to watch the ret of the class.

Last night Lianna told me (without any prompting) that she really liked her gymnastics class. She wanted me to help her with cartwheels and back flips (from the "bridge position") after we got home (unfortunately for her I am so NOT gymnastically inclined - hence the gymnastics class).

So thanks again - and please let Sarah now how much I appreciated her approach with Lianna !



Good Morning Mary,

We just received the yearbook yesterday, and I wanted to let you know how excited Shelby was to see her pictures in it. I also wanted to take a few minutes to express my gratitude to you and the All Star staff for having made us feel so welcomed and included in things, even after we had decided to remove Shelby 1/2 way into the season.

You know that that decision was one of the hardest I had to make, but I still stand strong behind it. After a bumpy start, your acceptance and willingness to let Shelby come and visit and go into the actual gym to watch the girls, has helped her tremendously during this transition time of her life.

Mary, thank you whole heartedly, with all that you have taught Shelby, to believe in herself, to be strong and proud, and that if you try hard enough, you can accomplish anything.....

You and All Stars will always have a special place on our hearts!!!


Dear Mary & Sara,

Thank you so much for the great party - Allie had such a special 8th birthday everyone who attended had fun-- including the parents who stayed - Everyone who has a child this age should consider an "All Stars Birthday Party!"

Thanks Again
Rocqual Cigal


Hi Kelly - Just wanted to send a quick to note to let you know how satisfied we were with All Stars for our daughter's party last Sunday. We had a wonderful time & the party host was excellent! We would definitely recommend All Stars to friends ... the kids (including the parents) had a blast!!

Thanks again for all your help!
Karin Nagle


Stunt Squad Testimonial

Hey there – wanted to let you know Liam did pass the belt test at the end of April as one of the best in the class. All the extra work paid off, he was the strongest in the group and most agile.

Thank you for all the work you did with him; his agility and style, which was driven by the addition of attending gymnastics, was very evident to his instructors.

Liam’s signature “hand-plant” move will be on this years American Karate tee shirt. His silhouette, doing the hand plant, will be in black on a red tee.

Attached is a picture of him from last quarter’s graduation doing his “sky-high” kick for the parents and graduates.


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