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All Star CheerleadingOur mission

Our goal for the Red Hot All Stars Cheerleading Program is to create a positive environment for each individual athlete while at the same time instilling the type of trust and loyalty to each other that is absolutely essential when working together as a team to achieve the same goals. Striving not only to increase knowledge and fine tune the skills of this high energy sport, but to emphasize the safe and proper execution of the techniques that take cheerleading to exciting new levels daily.

2008 - 2009 Red Hot All Stars Cheerleading Team

2008 Spring Demo Team

Cheerleading PicnicSpring Demo Team is a new concept to our facility that we are all very excited about. Providing the opportunity to not only cheer at this time of the year, but to do so without the pressures or limitations of competition, gives these athletes the chance to learn, have fun, make friends and perform for the pure joy of performing.

We are lucky and proud to say that our program represents several of our surrounding towns along with Windsor. Diversity is a wonderful educator, and will make for some exciting combinations of learned skills. We have designed a program that will not only teach our athletes new techniques, but allow them to exchange knowledge with each other and give them the opportunity to explore their own creativity by working together to make their visions become a safe successful reality.

Spring Demo team is the prelude to our competitive cheerleading program. Transitioning from the Demo team to the competition team takes hard work and dedication. We believe in all of our athletes and will work with them to achieve their own personal goals and to achieve the goals of the team and of the program.

End of the Year Show Performance

Windsor Red Hot All Stars Competitive Cheerleading

Spring Demo team is where it all begins!

  • Learning new skills.
  • Working focused conditioning routines.
  • Specified drills to increase abilities.
  • Individual athlete attention to fine tune skills.
  • All of this is fun, yes, but also each activity serves a purpose- to prepare the cheerleaders to transition to the very highly competitive level of All Star Cheerleading. The more they learn here, the better athletes they become.

Red Hot All Stars Competitive Cheerleading Levels

These are the levels that we can offer- try-outs are not for specific levels. Teams are formed AFTER try-outs based on the skill levels demonstrated, age requirements of USASF, and skills needed at a particular level.

All ages are of May 31st per USASF Guidelines

2008-2009 SEASON

  • Minis- or- Ambers- 8 yrs of age and younger
  • Youth- or – Torches- 11 yrs of age and younger
  • Junior- or- Blaze- 14 yrs of age and younger
  • Senior-or- Inferno- Rules as to Senior Division are being modified by USASF over the next 2 years- right now they are Senior Open, 18 and under, (0-4 males) / or Senior ages 10-18, (more than 4 males). As of 2008-09 season, Senior- ages 11-18. As of 2009-10 will be ages 12-18.

· If you turn 19 AFTER May 31st- 2009 -you ARE eligible to compete with the Senior Division.· We will have a Senior Open Team-where OVER 18 athletes may compete. · WE ARE CO-ED.

Competition season – Try-outs are a date TBA. (Summer) Teams will be posted within 1 week after try-outs. Private Try-outs can be arranged.

Practice to begin immediately. Competitions begin in December and runs through April, possibly early May.


HEAD COACH Jillianne Willett - Jillianne comes to the program with an extensive backround in cheerleading. Beginning her experience as a youth cheerleader and cheering though high school, giving her 12 years of cheering experience. After graduation she began Asst Coaching at the high school level. She took a short break from coaching to begin a family, and attend school but stayed actively involved performing. She Volunteered as a wardrobe manager to a professional dancer whose team competed and won an International Dance Competition.

Jillianne finished school with a nursing degree, where she worked primarily with Pediatrics. While working as a nurse she became involved with the Windsor Giants Youth Cheerleading Program. While with The Giants she proudly held a Head Coach position along with being the programs representative to the leagues cheerleading board.

In 2006 Jillianne received the honor of being awarded Windsor Giants Coach of the Year. In 2007 Jillianne worked closely together with The Giants Cheerleading Director to redesign the cheerleading program to include training and certifications for all coaches and many new exciting opportunities for the athletes. She was in charge of developing a training program and video specifically for youth cheerleaders. She remains actively involved with The Windsor Giants.

Jillianne emerses herself daily in all that is cheerleading. She is highly motivated and believes that you can never know too much about this sport. Constantly learning and training, she is up to date all the latest techniques and trends. She is USASF certified, AACCA certified, NCSSE certified and First Aid CPR certified. Along with attending several cheerleading conferences and countless training clinics, she also has directed cheerleading coaching training clinics for local cheer organizations. Jillianne has in total close to 25 years of cheerleading experience

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